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Leila Kirk is a multi-talented author and occupational hygienist.

She is a globe-trotting adventurer, who loves nothing more than hill walking, horse riding and shooting. In her spare time, Leila indulges her passion for jam-making.

With her unique combination of skills and experiences, she brings a fresh perspective to her writing

Influences on the book series

& Resources

 Leila has drawn from her background as an occupational hygienist to create a world that is both exciting and educational. Readers can expect to learn about a range of topics related to occupational hygiene, from the dangers of welding fumes to the effects of metalworking fluid mist. The books are not only an entertaining read, but also provide a glimpse into the real-life dangers faced by workers in different industries. To further enhance the educational value of the books, readers can access real-life lab results and research behind each story, providing a deeper understanding of the issues discussed.

Metalworking Fluid

If you're interested in learning more about Metalworking fluids (MWF) and how to use them safely, you've come to the right place. MWF plays a significant role in many industrial processes, but can also be hazardous to workers if not managed properly. In the book series "Cast Doubt", MWF is the theme that sets the stage for the occupational hygienist, Hal Rogers, to use his expertise to solve a series of crimes related to MWF exposure. We've put together a comprehensive page to help you better understand MWF, including its properties, hazards, and safe handling practices.

Respirable Crystalline Silica

For the second book in the series, "Concrete Proof", the backdrop is respirable crystalline silica, which can cause Silicosis, a potentially fatal lung disease. Our resource page covers the hazards of Silicosis from respirable crystalline silica and offers real-life case studies, providing insight into the dangers of silica exposure. Keep an eye out for more information on this important occupational health topic coming soon.

Coming Soon

Welding Fume

The upcoming supporting novel in the series, planned for a 2025 release, will explore the dangers of welding fumes and the risk of lung cancer. Welding fumes can contain harmful substances, including carcinogens like nickel, arsenic, and chromium, which can cause serious health problems when inhaled. Our resource page will cover the hazards of welding fumes, with real-life case studies and best practices for safe handling, to help raise awareness about this critical occupational health issue.

Cast Doubt

There's no end of dangers on a factory floor.
Lethal machinery, welding fume, metalworking fluid mist-Hal Rogers, occupational hygienist, is well acquainted with them all.

When there's a case of dermatitis at a machining factory that even he can't explain, Hal begins to suspect that there's more going on than a simple health and safety violation.
Everything points towards industrial sabotage-and it could be fatal.

With just an engineer's ruined hands and traces of unexplained metals to go by, Hal's the only one who can solve this mystery.
And, as he'll soon find out, there are people who'll do anything to keep him from the truth.

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